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Ireland's Birth Stories is s space for women to share their journeys to motherhood without feeling shy about the detail.

 I share weekly episodes of women sharing their own experiences from TTC  right through to those early postpartum days. 


If you would like to share your story you are more than welcome too. Get in touch via the "Share Your Story" tab and I will take it from there




pjd1981, 05/12/2020


A must listen.

What a great resource for pregnant people, Corah talks about all aspects of birth and postpartum ♥️ a must listen"


Kitty_Kate85, 29/10/2020

"Pregnancy must have!

I absolutely love this podcast, it is an absolute must listen for every pregnant woman, hearing different experiences of birth I honestly can’t get enough! Hearing the Irish perspective makes it all the more relatable, well done and thank you Corah!"


Sinead pregnancy no2, 11/10/2020

"Excellent podcast

A brilliant podcast, I can’t get enough of it!! Literally hope episodes appear every day so I can listen while walking, in the car...."


 Jess Hass, 03/10/2020

Highly recommend to all mamas

A really compelling podcast featuring raw, vulnerable interviews with women telling their birth stories. So many different experiences and perspectives, and handled in a sensitive, non-judgmental way by the host, Corah.

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