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Episode 86 -Sinead (Pre Baby Chat)

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Multiple Early Pregnancy Losses, Pregnancy After Loss, Anticipation of Meeting Sparky


Welcome to Ireland's birth stories, a podcast created for women to share their experiences for pregnancy and birth. My name is Corah Gernon and I've created this space to enable women to share their experiences from start to finish what I feel shy about the detail. As you know the podcast is currently sponsored by waterfall for the month of December waterfall are spreading some Christmas cheer by giving away a six month supply of wipes each for you and a friend. So to be in with a chance of winning follow waterfalls, Instagram page Word for baby wipes, which I will link in the show notes. Make sure to tag your friend on the posts that I put up the other day. The artist press stories page, winner will be announced on Instagram. Good luck. And don't forget to waterful baby wipes contain just two simple ingredients or 99.9% purified water. Water for baby wipes are 100% plastic free, 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable breaking down in a matter of weeks, they are the best choice for your baby's skin and for the planet. The wives very recently won the Best New Product and with the moms and tots awards after only a few months on the shelves, which is amazing. And they're definitely on track to win a lot more awards in 2022. So make sure to go over follow the Instagram page which I have tagged in the show notes. And make sure to take your friends over on my own page. Good luck. You will have to excuse my blockdos I seem to constantly have a cold the past few weeks, and you've listened to me with a stuffy nose do my recordings. So this week, I am sharing a bonus episode and I will do the following week as well. I know it'll be a lot of walks over the next few weeks over Christmas to get some fresh air and some space as well. So I thought I'd share some extra episodes. So this week I will be sharing my chat with Sinead Hingston. We spoke a couple of weeks back when she was heavily pregnant with her little baby who Widodo is a little boy. So she chatted about multiple early pregnancy losses, dealing with pregnancy after los, coping with scanxiety. Although like you really want to see the baby at the scan, there's so much fear walking through the through those doors to see baby and to see that everything is okay with that chat about the build up to baby and kind of letting yourself feel excited. She admits that she hasn't really been able to read not enjoy, but really settle into the pregnancy because she's so fearful that something is going to go wrong and you really can't believe that she is about to have this baby. So she's all prepared. She talks to me about her bike and how she is feeling and hate the fact that she just cannot wait to hold her baby. She also we also spoke last year about her first experience of birth. Bring her little girl Lilly to the world. So I will pop that in the show notes as well. It is a really tough lesson it's so during a really hard time in shades life. So I will let you listen to this episode at a joy chat at the end I really enjoyed. So I hope you enjoy and I will chatty soon. So Sinead, you're very welcome. I'm delighted to see your face again and have you back chatting to me. There was the last time we were just having a chat that we were just saying there's actually this time last year this month last year that we we first spoke and you shared your story with Lily. Yeah.


Yeah, my delightful delivery as I call it with Lily, my wonderful experience o